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RTS - RESISTING THE SYSTEM: REGGAE IN THE 21ST CENTURY - An insightful and thought provoking film by Dr Lez Henry exploring Black Consciousness, Sexism, Homophobia and Shadism in Reggae culture today. The film examines the popular view that Reggae Music, which was once synonymous with One Love now represents, it seems, the biggest threat to global social harmony in popular music. (2010)

Dr William 'Lez' Henry Lecture DVDs

AWDL - AN AUDIENCE WITH DR LEZ: Whiteness Made Simple! (2010) - In this highly interactive talk, Dr. Lez Henry uses arguments from his book WHITENESS MADE SIMPLE, to separate white people from white supremacist thought and action. He demonstrates how the ‘educated fools’ who use ‘scientific’ racist arguments, based on things like IQ tests, are not only deceiving themselves but also those who believe in these groundless divisions between members of the human family. (2010)

AWehDVD - AH WEH DEM AH GWAAN WID? CHALLENGING BLACKASSASSINATION IN THE MEDIA AND ON TELL-LIE-VISION - In this talk Dr Lez Henry looks at the history behind the continuous assassination of Afrikan people in the mainstream media and demonstrates why we must resist and transcend these gross misrepresentations. (2006)

FTWF - FIGHTING THE WILBERFARCE - Dr Lez Henry considers the notions of enslavement by highlighting some of the differences between chattel slavery and other forms of exploitation. He argues that Afrikan and Afrikan Caribbean people must challenge the idea that our history begins with chattel enslavement and that white abolitionists were responsible for securing our freedom. (2007)

TDS - THE DRACULA SYNDROME! Who's afraid of the man in the mirror? Have you ever wondered why so many black people say things like "forget the past", or "when are we gonna stop blaming slavery and get on with our lives?" Well in this BLAK FRIDAY talk Dr Lez considers why other groups are encouraged to remember their past, whilst at the same time it seems that Afrikan people, black people, are encouraged to be historically amnesic? All that is asked is that you bring your mind and make sure it is open!! (2010)   


Dr William 'Lez' Henry Lecture CDs

AFK - AH-FREE-KA: COMBATING WHITENESS IN THE BLACK IMAGINATION! – Dr Lez Henry discusses the way how the idea of whiteness affects the manner in which 'other' peoples identify themselves in a world that is controlled by a dominant, white, minority. (2006)

HBMBU - HOW BLACK MUSIC BECAME URBAN – Dr Lez Henry presents an analysis of white appropriation of black cultural forms to demonstrate that what is happening nowadays is a continuation of a process that has a long history, which needs to be understood in any discussion about the role of black music in contemporary society. (2006)

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